5 Dangers Your Roof Might Face This Winter

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Roof Maintenance

5 dangers your roof will face this winter

If you are looking to extend your roof lifespan and avoid unnecessary expenses during storms, below are 5 things you need to make sure you have addressed properly so that your roof will be happy and cause minimal disruptions to your daily life, not mentioning going easy on your wallet.

DANGER 1: CONDENSATION If you leave in cold states you have to problems, excessive rains, and snow. With changes in temperatures in places where warm air meets a cold surface, condensation will occur. This can happen when you have improperly insulated attic space and warm air heats up your roof surface from inside your attic, mixing with the cold surface on the outside of your roof. This problem can lead to the formation of mold and mildew, damaging the interior of your structure and possibly your house.  To prevent condensation buildup, make sure your attic is properly insulated and ventilated. 

DANGER 2: FLASHING LEAKS Alsmos every roof has ventilation, some have chimneys, some skylights, and some have both. In this case, at some point in your life, you came across leaky flashing. Flashing is referred to strips of metal placed along your roof edges, corners, and ridges of your roof, and also around your chimney, skylights, and ventilation pipes.  If not maintained properly, or during a violent storm, they can pull away from your roofing material and cause water leaks.  Inspect your flashing at least once a year to help it prevent from damaging your roof and interior of your home from excessive rains or snow. 

DANGER 3: Icelcles Icicles are typically formed by sunny days in wintertime. Often they result from clogged gutters and downspouts, and their excessive weight can cause damages to gutters and sometimes to the roof as well. In addition, they can pose a real danger to you and your pets if you happen to walk under them and risk them coming loose and falling. To discourage the formation of icicles keep your gutters free of leaves, needles, and other debris. I discuss how properly keep maintain and clean your gutters in my article, click here. 

DANGER 4: Ice dams Ice dams have been known to occur on your roof after an extended period of time. They form when the upper area of your roof begins to thaw, and the lower perimeter still remains frozen. Melting snow and ice from the warmer section of the roof flows down and re-freezes on the lower section and gutters, creating an ice dam. As it continues to form, the water pulls under your roof layer and is likely to leak into your home causing damage. 

If your roof is more than 10 years old, you might want to have a professional roofer check your valleys for potential leak problems. There is no way to eliminate this problem completely, but with proper roof ventilation in place, this problem can be minimized. 

DANGER 5: Excessive winds If you leave in warmer climates such as Florida, or near ocean  along eastern or western shore lines, you are not a stranger to tornados, strong wind storms and even hurricanes. When wind picks ups with excessive force it can lift up shingles or loosen up shakes. If you notice loose shingles  on the other side of your roof or in our yard, it i signal that you might have damaged roof areas. Contact us for our free inspection by clicking here and filling out our free estimate form specifying convenient day and time. 

“Properly maintained roof will keep your home safe.”

Nick Max

(CEO, Max Renovators)

Typical mildew formation problem caused by not properly maintained roof vent. Simple annual maintenance and application of sealing roofing cement could have helped to prevent mildew formation. All venting pipes and exhaust vents should be prperly selaed and maintained at leas once a year. 

Another flashing leak maintenance problem with visible water leaking through the side of the installed skylight on top of your roof. Such a problem could have easily been avoided with proper annual roof maintenance and re-application of roofing cement to properly seal it.

Visible icicle formation due to gutter clogging problem. One can see the real danger problem it can represent for homeowners. It is not only dangerous for your family and pets, it can also present real liability issue to your friends and neighbors too. 


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