4 Easy Steps To Prevent Gutter Problems

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Roof Maintnance

How to prevent gutter clogging

As a homeowner myself, one of the problems I face in fall is keeping my gutters free of leaves. There are many leaf-guards systems from the least expensive one that you can buy at Home Depot to more expensive sold by local shops.  The solution is simple, keeping your gutters from getting clogged and damaging your siding and roof. 

Keeping your gutters clog-free and maintaining every fall is an easy fix and it helps to keep your home healthy and dry all year round. Did you know that clogged gutters keep roof and siding wet thus causing structural rotting and reducing the lifespan of your materials.

“One of the least expensive and easiest way to extend the life of your roof and siding is maintaining your gutters clog-free.”

Nick Max


STEP 1: If your gutter problem is not too complicated, the simple solution for you is to blow out all the leaves from inside of your gutters before installing leaf-guards.

STEP 2: After you removed all loose leaves and debris with a blower, use pressure washing to clean away all of the wet composting material, which has settled on the bottom of your gutter over the years. This step will ensure that your gutters are completely clean and free of any loose and decomposing materials. 

STEP 3: After completing your task of thoroughly cleaning your gutters, make sure you address down-spouts clogging as well.  You can wash your downspouts with a garden house by letting water push any clogging and debris out into the open. This will ensure your complete gutter system is working properly and thoroughly cleaned.  

STEP 4: As a final completion to ensure that your entire system stays clog-free, make sure you install a leaf-guard system. A simple leaf guard system from your local hardware store would do the job of keeping leaves away just fine. 



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